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The Wrath Hitmen fell behind early and couldn’t come back in a 6-2 loss to Bay Ridge Cougars on Saturday. Iravan Bhattacharyya started on the mound for the Hitmen. The righty lasted three innings, allowing three hits and six runs (four earned) while striking out eight.  Sam Levine and Ethan Kirschner entered the game as relief, throwing four innings and one inning respectively. Levine went two-for-three at the plate to lead his team in hits. The Hitmen lost despite out-hitting the Cougars six to four. The reason? “We left 13 runners on base while striking out 15 times and committing three errors. We also walked nine times but couldn’t capitalize on their mistakes,” said Coach Carlesi.

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The Wrath Hitmen started their 2021 campaign with a win over the Brooklyn Bulldogs. The Hitmen controlled the early innings with a sharp pitching performance by Paul Liou, who struck out nine batters without letting up a hit over four innings. The team got off to a fast start, with two hits in the first inning, scoring two runs with the help of two errors. They stretched the lead to six in the fourth inning with four singles and a walk. But the game grew tense in the sixth inning, as the Bulldogs drew several walks and capitalized on an error. Ben Harwayne finished the game on the mound for the Hitmen, striking out three of the five batters he faced. Jeremy Lee and Sam Levine collected two hits each in a strong start to the season for the Hitmen.

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From the Coaches

Dear Parents and Players,

Hope your summer is going well. We know it’s only July, but it is time to get ready for the 2019/2020 baseball season. Please have your medical and consent forms completed by September 16th . We will have a fall tryout season starting on or about September 17th through October 28th for the Varsity and JV tryouts. The medical form must be completely filled out. If you are playing a fall sport your medical is good for baseball, but you will need a new consent form. All forms can be found at www.stuybaseball.org
or www.psal.org

In order to tryout next season you must have a completed:

  • PSAL Medical form
  • PSAL Parental Consent form

Please make a copy of your medical form for your file.

When completing the Medical form make sure:

  • a parent/guardian fills in the top section of the form and signs it
  • go to the doctor’s office and get a physical exam
  • doctor fills in ALL parts on the medical form
    There is a new 3 part medical form this year. It is very important that all questions are answered on the form. The doctor must fill out both pages that concern him/her and now the form needs two doctor’s stamps. Make sure your doctor signs, dates, stamps, and writes his/her license/registry # on page 2 and 3 on the medical form

When completing the PSAL Parental form make sure:

  • the top section is completed
  • a parent/guardian reads & initials the 13 bullet points the PSAL lists
  • a parent/guardian signs & dates the lower portion of the form
  • emergency contact #’s are listed in the spaces provided

If both forms are not filled out correctly, you will not be allowed to tryout.

There will be a meeting for all players during the second week of school, a parents meeting will be announced when school begins. In the mean time please stay in baseball shape, get to the cages and throw during the summer.

You can reach the coaches at:

  • John Carlesi: jcarles@schools.nyc.gov 646-236-2062
  • Matt Hahn: bbcoach200@aol.com
  • Joe Nardiello: jnardiello@schools.nyc.gov

Enjoy the rest of the summer!!!!


Coach Carlesi
Coach Hahn
Coach Nardiello

Alumni Game 2019

All the Alumin Game participants
Thanks for playing
[Coach Carlesi–Facebook]

I just wanted to thank all the alumni that were able to come out and join us on the field yesterday, it was a great time had by all. We had around 30 guys come out to play and listening to the younger and old alumni swap stories about their teams, coaches and the school itself was pretty cool.

I also want to thank Lee Mandell, Eric Greenleaf and Andrew Potter for helping out.
Some current seniors, Malcolm Hubbell for umpiring, Jeremy Rubin, Jared Asch and Leo Greenleaf for pinch running and playing the field for the older generation of players.
And a huge thank you to Susan Asch for putting this all together.

PS. Some players were asking where they can send donations.
You can send them right to the school:
345 Chambers Street
NY, NY 10282.
Care of the Baseball team or John Carlesi baseball coach.
Checks can be made out to Friends of Stuyvesant Baseball.

Thanks again everyone and hope to see you next year!!

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Coaches and Players gather before the game.

Coaches Carlesi and Hahn review the ground rules.

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Coach Carlesi gesturing to left field

Coach Carlesi "New rule, when I'm playing left field anything over my head is an out."

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Alex Mandell '14

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Pickoff attempt by Zach Karson

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Mandell at 1B

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On deck

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The Bench

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Lunch is served!

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Post game lunch

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Post game lunch

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[Derek Walker ’74 –Facebook]

I would like to thank Coach John, Coach Matt, Susan, Andrew and the entire Stuyvesant H.S. Baseball family for the courtesy extended to Arnold and I. The Alumni Baseball event was awesome. We left 44 years ago, and yesterday it felt like we never left. From Pegleg to Hitmen to Pegleg there was a great feeling of family.

(P.S. I hope the Hidden Ball Trick didn’t offend anyone. My team needed every edge.)

Seniors ’19

Graduating Seniors - Henry Carver, Ian Sulley, Jared Asch, Malcolm Hubble, Cooper Nissenbaum, Jeremy Rubin, Eli Thompson, Leo Greenleaf, Matthew Deutsch, Daniel Kim
Back row - Left to right - Henry Carver, Ian Sulley, Jared Asch, Malcolm Hubbell, Cooper Nissenbaum, Jeremy Rubin, Eli Thompson, Leo Greenleaf, Matthew Deutsch | Front - Daniel Kim | Not pictured - Isaac Chasen

Congratulations on a great run! Best of luck next year. Coach is expecting you at Wings Night and we’re expecting you to see you at the Alumni Game!

[Coach Carlesi–Facebook]

Today we said goodbye to our seniors at our annual awards dinner. Tears and good wishes flowed to everyone but there are certain people we’d like to acknowledge. Kathy Nissenbaum and Susan Asch for leading the FSB these past two years, you made our jobs so much easier. Eric Liou and Richard Bernstein for managing the funds and controlling the info to the parents. Stephen Hubbell for keeping up our website and going above and beyond finding all the past information about the Hitmen/Peglegs teams. Jimmy Wendt and Sam Feder for being great assistant coaches all season long. The boys learned so much from you guys. David Nissenbaum for all the videos he posted, especially the final out terrible strike call. There are so many more to mention, I just want to say thank you for a great season.

– The Coaches


Peglegs 0000000011
Falcons 100000x140
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Jared Asch takes charge with the season on the line

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A disappointed team at its final post-game conference

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The long goodbye

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Pegleg families wondering what they will do with all the surplus free time now that the season is over

[Coach Carlesi–Facebook]

Today the Peglegs lost in the first round of the playoffs to Susan Wagner HS. The game was a pitchers duel and the only run was scored in the first inning. Jared Asch was amazing on the mound!! He scattered 4 hits over 7 innings and only 75 pitches. Jeremy Rubin had some great battles at the plate at every at bat and smacked a double in the top of the seventh With the tying run at second and Wagner’s pitcher creeping on 100 pitches Luca Bielski was putting together a 7 pitch at bat. On the 3-2 count the pitch was low and away, clearly ball four but the umpire called strike three and the game was over.

I don’t mind losing but to lose on a terrible call like that is criminal. Yes, we didn’t hit well but we battled every inning!! Our defense was fantastic and our pitching stellar. To have a pitch like that called for strike three in a tight game like this is mind boggling!! When the oppositions parents and coaches say that was clearly not a strike what do you do. The umpire left immediately and didn’t even stay for the handshake. Unfortunately, this was the final game for our seniors who were heartbroken.

I want to thank all of them for all their hard work over the years. I especially want to thank my captains, Malcolm Hubbell, Cooper Nissenbaum, Jared Asch and Jeremy Rubin for everything you’ve done for the team this year. Without you guys the season wouldn’t have gone as smooth as it did.

Thank you,

[Adapted from GameChanger]

Stuyvesant Peglegs Varsity Lose Heartbreaker in the Playoffs

Stuyvesant watched the game slip away early and couldn’t recover in a 1-0 loss to Susan Wagner HS on Wednesday. Wagner took the lead on an error in the first inning.

The pitching was strong on both sides. Wagner pitchers struck out eight, while Stuyvesant sat down two.Walters got the start for the Falcons. He allowed one hit and zero runs over seven innings, striking out eight and walking one. Jared Asch was on the pitcher’s mound for the Peglegs. He allowed four hits and one run over six innings, striking out two.

In the first inning, Wagner got their offense started when an error scored one run for the Falcons. Stuyvesant’s Jeremy Rubin led off the 7th inning with a double putting the tying run in scoring position, but the Peglegs were unable to push a run across.

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Pioneers 200030X530
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Matt Deutsch pitching in relief

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Outfielders warming up pre-game

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Luca Bielski singles before leaving the field for a pinch-runner

[Coach Carlesi–Facebook]

Yesterday, the Peglegs closed out the regular season with a 5-0 loss to Newtown HS. Jared Asch and Matt Deutsch held Newtown to only 3 hits but our defense didn’t hold up. We committed 4 errors which led to 5 unearned runs. The Peglegs also only managed 3 hits with a double from Malcolm Hubbell and singles by Luca Bielski and Cooper Nissenbaum.

We put the bat on the ball this time but only to hit right at their defense.

The Peglegs finish 7-9 in the regular season which I know was disappointing for the coaches and the team. The bright side is that we are headed to the playoffs again and anything can happen there. Remember, everyone’s record is 0-0 come Wednesday.

I want to thank the seniors for all there hard work over the years, you guys are are the hardest working team in all of Stuy and probably the league. Coach Hahn and I are so honored to have coached you over the years. Now let’s make some noise on Wednesday!!

Seeding comes out sometime on Sunday, let’s hope we get a good spot!!
The Coaches

[Adapted from GameChanger]

Stuyvesant Peglegs Varsity Loses Lead Early In Defeat

Stuyvesant fell behind early and couldn’t come back in a 5-0 loss to Newtown on Thursday. Newtown opened up scoring when Jared Asch induced Jackson Peña to hit into a fielder’s choice, but one run scored.

A double by Malcolm Hubbell in the fourth inning was a positive for the Peglegs.

Eddy Martinez led things off on the hill for Newtown. He surrendered zero runs on three hits over seven innings, striking out five.

Asch started the game for Stuyvesant and surrendered five runs on three hits over five innings, striking out five. Matthew Deutsch threw one inning in relief. Luca Bielski, Cooper Nissenbaum, and Hubbell each collected one hit to lead the Peglegs.

Pioneers 0001100251
Peglegs 001210x451
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Post-game receiving line

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Leo Greenleaf scores the first run of the game in the third

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Ben Zenker catches a fly for the first out in the fifth

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Max Mah makes the play in the third

#5 of 19

Cooper Nissenbaum with the 6-3 putout in the second inning

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Jared Asch takes the throw-over at first

#7 of 19

Masa Mizuno and Eli Thompson

#8 of 19

Jeremy Rubin with a putout in the 5th

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Cooper Nissenbaum singles in the fourth

#10 of 19

Malcolm pitches into the sixth

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Pegleg alumni Ronin Berzins and Simon Carmody stop by

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Final play of the game, 3-1 putout

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Malcolm Hubbell dealing

#14 of 19

Eli Thompson leading off third

#15 of 19

Max Mah with HBP RBI in the fourth

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Meeting at the mound: Coach Jimmy Wendt, catcher Luca Bielski, pitcher Malcolm Hubbell

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Malcolm Hubbell and Jared Asch between innings

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Jared Asch takes charge in relief

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Jeremy Rubin at the plate

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Malcolm Hubbell on the mound

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Close play at second

#3 of 6

Jeremy Rubin with the scoop for the 5-3 putout

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The Game Saver: Paul Liou does his best Onderdonk impersonation in center field

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Game over. You may now exhale.

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[Coach Carlesi–Facebook]

Today the Peglegs pulled one game closer to .500 with a huge win over Newtown H.S. final score 4-2.

Malcolm Hubbell pitched a great game and lasted 6 innings.Great at bats and timely hitting pushed the 4 runs a crossed the plate.

We are 7-8 in league play.

[Adapted from GameChanger]

Stuyvesant Peglegs Varsity beat Newtown 4-2 on Wednesday

After Newtown scored one run in the top of the fifth, Stuyvesant answered with one of their own. Newtown scored when Luis Reyes singled on the first pitch of the at bat, scoring one run. The Peglegs then answered when Luca Bielski singled on the first pitch of the at bat, scoring one run.

Stuyvesant pulled away for good with two runs in the fourth inning. In the fourth Bielski drew a walk, scoring one run and Max Mah was hit by a pitch, driving in a run.

Malcolm Hubbell was the winning pitcher for Stuyvesant. He lasted six innings, allowing four hits and two runs while striking out three. Jared Asch threw one inning in relief out of the bullpen. Asch recorded the last three outs to earn the save.

Stuyvesant totaled five hits. Cooper Nissenbaum and Bielski each racked up multiple hits.

Blue Demons 1010002470
Peglegs 1000000132
[Coach Carlesi–Facebook]

Another game for the Peglegs and another loss. The Peglegs are now 6-8 in league play.

Jeremy Rubin was strong against our rival Beacon HS striking out 6 and giving up only 3 earned runs in a complete game. The Peglegs could only muster 3 hits on the day and left 7 on base. Once again the lack of the big hit with runs in scoring position has been a killer this year. Final score 4-1.

Just been a really tough year.

[Adapted from GameChanger]

Stuyvesant PEGLEGS Varsity Outdone By Beacon, 4-1

In the first inning, Beacon got their offense started when Jenkins doubled on the first pitch of the at bat, scoring one run.
Stuyvesant evened things up at one in the bottom of the first inning when Franklin Liou singled on a 1-2 count, scoring one run.
Beacon pulled away for good with one run in the third inning. In the third an error scored one run for Beacon.
Sorel was the winning pitcher for Beacon. He surrendered one run on three hits over four and two-thirds innings, striking out five. Jenkins threw two and a third innings in relief out of the bullpen.
Jeremy Rubin took the loss for Stuyvesant. He lasted seven innings, allowing seven hits and four runs while striking out five.
Liou, Jared Asch, and Malcolm Hubbell all had one hit to lead Stuyvesant.
Jenkins went 2-for-3 at the plate to lead Beacon in hits. Beacon didn’t commit a single error in the field. Hulburt had 11 chances in the field, the most on the team.

Knights 0013021780
Peglegs 0030000331
[Coach Carlesi–Facebook]

Once again the Peglegs dropped another one to Franklin Lane HS at the pier yesterday 7-3. Again, the lack of the big hit hurt us. Our on base percentage was .425 but our BA for the game was .136. Lane gave us 12 free bases but we couldn’t score. Malcolm Hubbell Matt Deutch threw well but you can’t win ball games if you can’t hit.

[Adapted from GameChanger]

Stuyvesant Peglegs Varsity Fall Short To Franklin K. Lane , 7-3

Franklin K. Lane took the lead for good with three runs in the fourth inning. In the fourth Tavarez doubled on a 0-1 count, scoring one run and Garces- Ramirez singled on a 2-1 count, scoring one run.

Diaz pitched Franklin K. Lane to victory. He lasted five innings, allowing one hit and three runs while striking out two. Polanco threw two innings in relief out of the bullpen. Malcolm Hubbell took the loss for Stuyvesant. He surrendered six runs on six hits over five and two-thirds innings, striking out six.

Cooper Nissenbaum, Hubbell, and Owen Potter each managed one hit to lead Stuyvesant. The Peglegs stole 12 bases during the game as four players stole more than one. Hubbell led the way with four.