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Our Mission

The purpose of Friends of Stuyvesant Baseball, Inc. (FSB), is to support the junior varsity and varsity baseball teams for Stuyvesant High School, a public school in New York City. FSB supports these teams by raising and distributing funds and promoting interest in the teams. FSB is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, organized and operated for public and charitable purposes, not for the private gain of any person.

The IRS ruling granting Friends of Stuyvesant Baseball 501(c)(3) status was issued in February of 2010.

2018-19 Executive Board

  • Susan Asch, Co-President
  • Kathy Nissenbaum, Co-President
  • Eric Liou, Treasurer
  • Richard Bernstein, Secretary
  • Stephen Hubbell, Member-at-Large/Webmaster
  • Andrew Potter, Member-at-Large/Webmaster

Past Board Members

Our History

Friends of Stuyvesant Baseball was formed during the 2005-06 season to support the Hitmen in finding a home field for their league games. Pier 40 was an obvious choice as it’s relatively close – about one mile away from the school — and because the team was already using it for some practices and non-league games.

The PSAL would not allow Stuy to play league games at Pier 40 because they insisted it did not have a “legal” pitching mound that met their specifications. The existing artifical pitching mound that the team used for practice was 13 ft in diameter. The PSAL required that the mound be 18 ft in diameter. Unfortunately, no mound with those specifications had ever been built. The Friends of Stuyvesant Baseball began raising money and researching companies that build artificial mounds and eventually found one in Iowa that agreed to try and design a mound to meet PSAL specs. It took a while, and their design eventually required a three-part mound, but in 2008 the new mound was finally delivered to Pier 40 and is still in use today.

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2006-2008 FSB President Andy Bartle supervises unloading the mound.
#2 of 6
Players help unload mound side sections at Pier 40.
#3 of 6
Coach and players fit the 3 sections together on the field at Pier 40.
#4 of 6
Coaches Matt Hahn, John Carlesi, and players inspect a side section.
#5 of 6
Stuy Athletic Director Martha Singer, PSAL Baseball Commissioner Robert Pertsas, and Coach Matt Hahn check out the new mound.
#6 of 6
The assembled mound in use on the Field of Dreams!

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