Welcome Back PegLegs!

To all alumni, players and parents,

This year there has been a big push by the AD and AP of Phys. Ed. to get all the teams at Stuyvesant to change back to our original name of the Peglegs. So as of this year, we will be known as the Peglegs and no longer the Hitmen.

I know this has bothered some “Hitmen” alumni but I do feel strongly that this might help school sports pride and unity. Having 42 teams at Stuyvesant and 38 that have different names other than Peglegs does not show any pride or unity. I think Stuyvesant is the only high school in the city that does not have a banner in the front entrance saying “Welcome to the home of the ______”. It would take an entire wall to fit every team name.

I hope everyone understands my feeling about this and apologize to anyone disappointed at the change. This year’s varsity group has really embraced the name change and our new “old” logo. I am hoping for a great season.

Coach Carlesi

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