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  1. Varsity and JV Players Cited at Awards Dinner

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    At the annual Pegleg Awards Dinner on June 8, the JV and Varsity teams celebrated successful campaigns in 2018, as the coaches recognized many players for their contributions to the season’s heroics.

    The JV squad, still basking in the glory of their Manhattan championship win over George Washington on June 6, had five of its players honored:

    • Rookie of the Year: Luca Bielski
    • Coaches Award: Max Mah
    • Cy Young: Ben Zenker
    • Silver Slugger: Julian Singer
    • MVP: Jordan Gray

    The Varsity squad, fresh off a surprising 10-6 season, saluted these seven players.

    • Rookie of the Year: Franklin Liou
    • Charlie Hustle Award: Khyber Sen
    • Coaches Award: Malcolm Hubbell and Jeremy Rubin
    • Golden Glove: Max Onderdonk
    • Cy Young: Jared Asch
    • MVP and Silver Slugger: Michael Gillow

    Coach Carlesi also paid special tribute to the nine graduating seniors: Ronin Berzins, Simon Carmody, Michael Gillow, Justin Heinze, Sam Merrick, Max Onderdonk, Khyber Sen, Sam Stamler, and Perry Wang.

  2. Two Peglegs Honored for 2017 Heroics

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    It is with great pride that I get to announce that two of our varsity players will be receiving awards before Monday nights baseball championship game at Yankee stadium. Senior Jack Archer for most home runs in PSAL with 3 and sophomore Jeremy Rubin for most saves 5.
    We the coaches are so proud of these two players as well as the whole team for a great and memorable season. This was just the icing on the cake.
    The coaches.