Playoff Bound!

Dear Stuyvesant Parents, Players, and Alumni,

Congratulations to the Stuyvesant Varsity Hitmen, and to Coach Carlesi and Coach Hahn, as they head to the PSAL Playoffs once again!

As many of you know, Stuyvesant High School has built a remarkably successful baseball program, winning its division in 2004, and making the PSAL playoffs for 17 of the last 18 seasons. This success is a testament to our hardworking players and coaches, and it is made possible by YOU — the parents, friends, and alumni — and your generous donations of volunteer hours and financial support.

Since Stuyvesant High School cannot recruit baseball players, we develop them instead. This year, generous alumni donations helped to pay for:

  • Indoor space rental at Pier 40 for pre-season practice
  • Financial scholarships for players who would have otherwise been unable to attend our Florida Spring Training Programs
  • Much-needed new equipment

We also continue to add to our reserve fund, in order to pay for the eventual replacement of our pitcher’s mound.

We hope that you will join us for the ALUMNI GAME, on June 21 at Pier 40. Last year’s event was a wonderful opportunity to re-connect with friends and teammates, and play some great baseball. Invitations are on their way to your inbox soon! In the meantime, look on the EVENTS tab, above, and on our Facebook page, for updates about this event, as well as our annual fundraiser, the Homeruns for Hitmen raffle. Who knows, maybe you will be a winner this year?


Melina Sfakianaki, Co-President (and parent of Demos Sfakianakis ’15)

Tracey Sydel, Co-President (and parent of Ben Sydel ’14)

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